It is now possible to remove all cleaning agents (except for the inside of the toilet) thanks to the memory microfibre sponges that are only used with water !


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The advantages

  • More efficient cleaning.
  • Better productivity.
  • Ease of management.
  • Protection of the environment.
  • Significant cost reduction.
  • Significant reduction of indoor pollution.
  • No more risk of damage to treated surfaces.
  • Respect for the health of the maintenance staff and the users of the building..


    Thanks to their size, the RAYPATH microfibres can reach all small irregularities of the treated surface.


    L Dirt is trapped in the capillary network of the RAYPATH sponges: there isno transfer of dirt.


    RAYPATH spongesdegrease surfaces andremove bad odours..


    The presence of silver molecules guarantees an enhanced bacteriological yield..


    Protecting the environment

    By reducing your ecological footprint and positioning yourself on what is already called the ECOLOGY OF MORGHS.

    • No more discharges into the sewer of chemicals present in detergents.
    • Reducing the amount of water used. (some surfaces no longer need to be rinsed).
    • Reduction of solid waste such as plastic bottles with empty detergents, rags, dishcloths and traditional sponges with the Brussels BIM eco-label.


    Significant cost reduction

    On average, all of our customers share their annual budget for the maintenance equipment that needs to be purchased to clean their entire premises by 4, because our equipment has a long service life (2 years) and there is no longer a problem with overdose and waste associated with the use of chemicals..

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