About oohclean

100% ecological and qualitative cleaning company 

Oohclean uses a method that eliminates the use of cleaning agents.

Oohclean positions itself as an eco-responsible cleaning company. A real revolution in this sector. We use special Raypath sponges that significantly reduce the ecological footprint and eliminate the use of cleaning agents. They clean and degrease surfaces thoroughly. And as a result, they avoid waste and keep costs down. For example, during a car wash with our method, water consumption is limited to 20L compared to an average of 200L for a conventional method.

Ecology, efficiency, economy, Oohclean reduces its know-how in this sector. The company is therefore active in cleaning schools, offices, official buildings, restaurants, private homes and even golf clubs. Without forgetting, of course, the car wash for companies. With always the same philosophy as a business card.

By eliminating the use of cleaning agents, we avoid pouring chemicals into the sewers or accumulating superfluous, difficult-to-recycle packaging. At the same time, this method is not harmful to health because no toxic substances are used.

Oohclean even offers small cleaning kits to enable golfers to clean their golf clubs in an environmentally friendly way after a game.